Mplus LCA helper

Create LCA models

OS: Mplus type: Maximum number of classes: Collate files?:

This is still experimental. If you use Windows, it will not work if you have the Mplus demo installed.

Copy and paste your Mplus syntax here. Use the minimum number of classes in your syntax. Please write your CLASSES definition on only one line.

Usage instructions

  1. The downloaded file will create your Mplus syntax files for the number of requested classes and call Mplus to run the files.
  2. Copy the downloaded file into the same folder as your Mplus data file.
  3. Double-click the file to run it.
  4. An input folder with Mplus input files and output folder with Mplus output files will be created when the execution of the file is done.
  5. Users who respond Yes to Collate files? will have a result-... csv file created in the same folder as the Mplus data file. - Alternatively, you can collate the output files using the Collate segment below.

Linux Users:

  • If you use Linux, you need to make the file an executable to run it.
  • On Ubuntu, right-click the file, select Properties, then the Permissions tab. Click Allow executing file as program. Close Properties
  • Alternatively through terminal: chmod +x <file>

Collate your Mplus output files


Select all your Mplus output files:

Please check to confirm that you have selected the right files:

Pull requests welcome on repo.

If you would like to cite this website, you can use the citation below, it's APA. Thank you.

Uanhoro, J. O. & Logan, J. A. R. (2017). Mplus LCA helper: Automating latent class analysis in Mplus. Available online at: